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Iberia freight cargo up 40% this month even with volcanic ash

Iberia has carried 40 per cent more freight this month – 41.5 per cent more outgoing and 51.60 per cent more incoming – compared to April, 2009. This increase is partly due to the closing of airports in Northern and Central Europe for the past six days because of the volcanic ash cloud, which caused operations to be shunted to the Iberia Cargo Terminal.

1,000 tonnes landed in Barcelona yesterday alone

Air shipments from the Americas were unloaded in Madrid for surface haulage across Europe, while European freight was moved by land to the Madrid Cargo Terminal, where Iberia flew it to North American and Latin American destinations.

To deal with the additional tonnage, Iberia used air freighters and raised from four to twelve the number of freight distribution trucks which stood in for aircraft on some routes.

Yesterday Iberia set a new record for freight handling at Barcelona Airport, as 1,000 tonnes arrived aboard freighters diverted from other European destinations.

As the situation slowly returns to normal in Europe, Iberia continues to carry the perishable goods that are its speciality, including tropical fruit, fish from Chile and American shellfish.


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