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Not all airlines are the same especially when things go wrong

The volcanic ash clouds have been a big issue for airlines and passengers alike. The costs are growing every day but according to a BBC report some passengers have had better help from their carriers than others.

The ‘Act of God’ phrase has probably been used many more times in the past week than at any other  – especially as insurance companies panic at the number of possible payouts they could have faced  if they did cover this sort of inconvenience.

For airlines the thought of ‘air passenger compensation’ may be clouding their judgement – lets hope not.

This is the time when airlines can show their true colours – damage limitation if you like even though it isn’t their fault. Especially if you have just had two cabin crew strikes recently and you are looking for a chance to show you really care for your passengers.

Having been in a situation (with a well liked UK carrier) where both outbound and return aircraft on a long haul trip had long delays and seeing how badly that was dealt with – when all your aircraft are stranded passengers stand very little chance of help.

Maybe some of these organisations have too many levels of management to make a quick decision but some have missed a great opportunity to promote their customer service.

…or maybe services would be improved if passengers didn’t pay in full until after their flight had landed!!


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