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Afriqiyah Flight 771 crash release

Afriqiyah Flight 771 crash release

We are very sorry to announce the tragic loss of Afriqiyah airways flight 8u 771 from Johannesburg in an accident during landing at Tripoli international airport at 04:00 UTC. (06:00 am Tripoli time) today Wednesday 12 May.

We extend our deepest sympathy to the families and friends of the victims the search and rescue mission has now been completed and casualties have been moved to various hospitals. the secretariat of health will issue a statement on the condition of those casualties.

At this moment we cannot speculate further and will relay to you all factual information as we receive them.

Afriqiyah Airways is working together with the South African immigration and airport Authorities to determine the exact identities and nationalities of the passengers on board of flight 771 that was tragically lost this morning.

As soon as those are available Afriqiyah Airways will work with the competent agencies concerned to inform the next of kin

Parties seeking information on passengers should contact.

From Libya: 0213341181

International:+44 203 3552737

We would like to inform the passanger’s relatives of the ill-fated Afriqiyah flight 8U 771 /12 May 2010 that all assistance will be offered to them if they wish to travel to Tripoli (Tickets, Accommodation and visa) will be granted upon arrival in Tripoli.

There will be no need for the Arabic translation of passport usually required.


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