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Would you swap a plane for a motorhome?

A motorhome salesman, Andrew Harris, has met some challenges in his time but he thought taking a plane as a trade-in might be a challenge too far.

Andrew, from the Romahome Centre in Southampton, was following up an enquiry from private pilot Bob Woolford, a former part-time air traffic controller at Sandown and Bembridge Airport on the Isle of Wight.

When he asked Bob what he needed to do to complete the deal, Bob told him that he would have to take a four seat Piper Cherokee in part exchange.

Although he thought he might have a struggle to make the sale, within half an hour Andrew was able to go back to Bob with figures that sealed the sale – and with the plane sold, too.

Andrew said that during several years in the motor trade he had never been asked to part exchange a plane before, although he had once taken a longboat in part payment for a motorhome.

“When Bob said what he wanted to trade in I thought it might be a challenge,” he added.

“But I only got as far as our parts department at our Southampton site, where I mentioned the problem and Victoria Ward, of Citroen UK, who was visiting us, immediately put me in touch with a buyer. I’ve had more trouble trying to shift Jeep Cherokees than I did the Piper!”

Bob explained it would be easier to spread his wings by trading in the plane for a motorhome.

“When you arrive places by aeroplane you are either stuck on the airport or have to find transport,” said Bob. “Our new motorhome will give us much more freedom to get where we want to be.”

Bob says that, apart from other running costs, with fuel approaching £2 a litre and consuming 38 litres an hour, his Piper Cherokee was becoming expensive to keep in the air. But his motorhome, based on the Citroen Berlingo and adapted with wheelchair ramps, should go much further for the same money, making it easier to see the world without sky high running costs.


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