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Airline flight reviews

There will be a new airline flight route review section here at PlaneTalking Live which will provide reviews by our readers on the airline and airports that they use.

We want to find what the airlines are doing that you think is good or bad, what the food is like and how good is the in-flight entertainment. Did you get value for money? Were they on time? And most important of all what were the crew like?

These days it is usuallly the crew, the face of the airline, the men and woman on the front line that can make or break your flight.

And airline crews – we want to hear from you too! Review your flights, let us know  what does and doesn’t go well with you and your airline. With your input we can also inform and educate your future passengers.

So if you have had a good or bad flight, want to make a comment about the size of hand luggage or didn’t get your chicken or beef dish then please fill in the review form below.


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Thank you for your airline flight review.

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