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Lufthansa names Airbus A380 after Zurich

Today (Tuesday13th September) Lufthansa has named one of its Airbus A380 after Zurich. The naming ceremony took place at Zurich Airport shortly after the mega-liner touched down after a special morning flight from Frankfurt.

Zurich Airport is the home base and central hub of SWISS, which is based there as one of the Lufthansa Group Airlines. It plays a key role in the global route network of the Lufthansa Group.

“Today’s naming of the Lufthansa flagship in Zurich is a token of the esteem, in which one of the most important neighbours and partners of Germany and our Company is held. In Switzerland, Lufthansa has in harness with SWISS written a success story here at ‘our’ Zurich hub,” observed Lufthansa Chairman and CEO Dr. Christoph Franz at the naming ceremony.

As ceremonial host, Dr. Christoph Franz cordially welcomed Zurich Council President Dr. Ursula Gut-Winterberger, who performed the naming ceremony at the Airport. She then poured sparkling wine over the giant A380 plane before unveiling the name of Zurich sprayed on the fuselage, Afterwards, the naming certificate was signed and the guests of honour were invited on board the Lufthansa double-decker Airbus A380 to tour the sleek and impressively designed cabin. On Tuesday afternoon, it was back to business as the A380 took off on a scheduled flight from Frankfurt to Peking, carrying the name of Zurich around the world in the Lufthansa global network.

Lufthansa  is already operating eight Airbus A380 aircraft on long-haul services from Frankfurt to Asia (Tokyo, Peking), Africa (Johannesburg) and North America (New York, San Francisco, Miami). Two more A380 aircraft are scheduled to join the fleet next year.

The newly named A380 “Zurich”, registration D-AIMF (known internally as “Mike Fox“ after the last two letters), was the sixth A380 to be delivered to the Lufthansa fleet on the 4th April 2011. It has since logged around 2,200 flying hours on about 240 flights. The “Zurich” is based along with the entire Lufthansa A380 fleet at Frankfurt Airport, from where it flies scheduled services to all the above destinations. Passengers from Switzerland fly to Frankfurt to board A380 connecting flights to all the flagship’s destinations.

For the winter timetable, the A380 will also be flying daily to Singapore. The Lufthansa flagship seats 526 passengers in the best and most modern service classes in the Lufthansa fleet. First Class, with eight generously proportioned seats on the upper deck, is entirely new and individualistic. The world’s biggest Business Class with 98 seats on the upper deck and Economy Class with 420 seats on the main deck offer unprecedented comfort in a remarkably spacious cabin interior.


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