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New livery and logo for Air Seychelles

It’s all happening so quick at the national airline of the Seychelles. In just one week Air Seychelles have announced a new CEO, a new Board of Directors, and now they have presented the new livery and logo.

Below is the Air Seychelles explanation of their new logo and tagline.

Nature, the magnificent ecosystem that is the Seychelles, is the muse behind the creation of the logo. A fluid organic shape, like that of a leaf, has been adopted to signal support for a greener Seychelles, and a greener Earth. The red and green colors have been used in different tones to add dimension and depth, and for a more leafy effect, the focus still being on nature.

The more modern, fresh, and expressive image is still reigned over by the trademark pair of Fairy Terns, that has been the Air Seychelles icon for many years. The pair of Fairy Terns, softened into an abstracted and flowing silhouette, is the primary visual symbol of Air Seychelles. Fairy Terns pair for life, and is a compelling manifestation of not only beauty, elegance, nature, and flight, but of loyalty, unity, and freedom. The word “air” is a lighter blue to signify the sky, while “Seychelles” is a darker blue, to signify the ocean. The colors used are commonly associated with the Seychelles – blue, green, red, and white. The striking colors with the abstracted images of the birds and leaves are aimed at evoking the Seychelles’ Creole spirit, which brings one to the tagline, “Flying the Creole Spirit.”

New livery and logo for Air Seychelles

The tagline has been kept from previous corporate brand identity, with the intent of taking better advantage of a unique differentiation, what sets Air Seychelles apart from other airlines — the quintessence of the Seychelles’ “Creole Spirit.”

Flying the Creole Spirit carries a lot of meanings, but it all comes down to the unique culture, multi-ethnicity, welcoming and friendly people, joie de vivre and passion, simple and authentic island life, and the breathtaking ecology that is the Seychelles.

Air Seychelles has come up with this concise definition that captures some of this: The Creole Spirit is the “experience of Seychelles in a nutshell.” It embodies a distinct approach to, and celebration of, life that is unique to the Seychelles islands.

Evoking the sights, sounds, and fragrances of Seychelles, it captures the spontaneous joie-de-vivre, passion, and natural warmth of the Seychellois people.

It echoes an authentic and exotic island life rooted in a multi-ethnic unity and family values.

It is a timeless way of living, in harmony with nature.


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