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Travelport wins court victory against American Airlines

The Illinois Appellate Court yesterday affirmed Travelport’s preliminary injunction against American Airlines. The injunction preserved Orbitz’s ability to sell American Airlines tickets. The Appellate Court also recognized Travelport’s position that the American Airlines contract allows all Travelport agents to fully utilise AA’s content.

The ruling further supports one of Travelport’s damages claims against American Airlines given AA’s improper termination of Orbitz’s ticketing authority.

As the Appellate Court confirmed, “Travelport has standing to complain that American breached the [parties’ contract], and its implicit covenant of good faith by barring Travelport from earning income from booking flights through… Orbitz.”

“We are very pleased with the Appellate Court’s recognition of our contractual rights,” said Travelport’s Chief Legal Officer and Chief Administrative Officer, Eric Bock.

“Those rights are critical to protecting our agencies’ ability to have and fully use AA’s content.”

Travelport will continue to pursue its claims against American Airlines before the trial court. In the meantime, Travelport will continue to work constructively with American Airlines to ensure that consumers, corporations and travel agents continue to benefit from the most transparent travel booking processes possible.

There is a little more background on this Orbitz and American Airlines spat over at Consumer Traveler


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