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Travel lighter with Korean Air

It’s certainly a service we’ve not heard of before but Korean Air have come up with a cool winter offer for passengers heading to warmer climates.

If you are heading to Australia or an exotic beach in the southern hemisphere, and don’t want to carry your winter coat then Korean Air can lend a hand…or hangar!

Korean Air will provide a free coat storage service for passengers leaving Korea travelling to warmer countries such as East Asia, Hawaii and Australia.

The service will be provided for 3 months from December 1st ~ February 29th 2012.

During this period, Korean Air passengers can travel light by storing their winter coats for free at Incheon International Airport and collect them upon their return.

This service is available for all passengers travelling internationally from Korea by Korean Air.

Korean Air assure us that each passenger’s coat will be hung on a sturdy plastic hanger wrapped in plastic sheet during storage.

To store the coat, passengers simply show their boarding pass at Hanjin Express counter located in Area A of the passenger terminal on the third floor of Incheon International Airport. Working closely with Hanjin express, up to 3000 coats can be stored.

The coat storage service is available from 4:30am ~ 9pm every day. A passenger can store one coat for five days for free. After that free period, a surcharge of KRW2,500 (Approx $2.20 / £1.40)  per day will apply.

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