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Video: American Airlines try to explain why airfares change so much

American Airlines have released another staff video explaining  the ‘behind the scenes’ of how they calculate airfares.

This video goes some way to explaining how airlines modify their ticket prices depending on the huge range of circumstances that they take into account. These can include airline competition, fuel prices, route popularity and even the weather.

This video does provide an insight into the way airlines think, especially American Airlines but there is that underlying message that you should ‘buy now’ if you are considering purchasing a ticket. They do seem to talk about high demand but do not really touch on the low demand routes and how they may lower prices to fill aircraft seats.  Also purchasing tickets as soon as possible makes great cash-flow sense for the airline, but if a passenger finds a cheaper flight with the same or other carrier before the flight see how easy it is to change or get a ticket refund.

All in all it’s good to see airlines showing us what goes on behind closed doors but  they should also look at making it easier for passengers to change tickets and obtain continual high quality service which would increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.



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