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Iberia improves over-sized luggage delivery at Madrid Airport

Iberia has begun to use a new tray system to enable the airline to move 70% of special luggage items on normal conveyor belts, speeding delivery to passengers.

Some 70% of all “special” luggage checked-in by Madrid-bound Iberia passengers can now be picked up from the regular baggage carousels at Iberia’s airline’s Terminal 4 hub in Madrid airport. Previously all over-sized or odd-shaped luggage was handled manually, which often delayed delivery.

Luggage Trays

The new trays now allow the automatic handling of special over-sized  luggage, including such items as golf club bags, baby seats, pushchairs and small surfboards. This not only speeds delivery of such items, but means they appear alongside normal luggage on the carousels.

The trays were carefully designed and tested to ensure that they never block the system at junctions, level changes, etc.

The new trays are part of Iberia’s Ágora project, intended to make its T4 hub one of the world’s most efficient and user-friendly.

Iberia improves over-sized luggage delivery at Madrid Airport with special trays

The project is aimed at improving flight punctuality and customer experience at the airport, streamlining procedures and reducing queuing and waiting times at every stage, from check-in to baggage collection. The new trays also optimise the use of Iberia’s baggage-handling resources.

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