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Five suitcases children just love

Struggling to decide which suitcases to take? Don’t forget kids travel too! Travelling with children can be a real challenge.

There are a variety of children’s suitcases that should make your journey with kids run more smoothly. With their various designs and features we explore what makes them so appealing.

Kids Suitcases


Pink Bear Bag The ideal suitcases for children

Pink Bear Bag

Recently arrived, practical and at £25.00 great value for money,  the Cabin Bear Children’s trolley hand luggage/suitcase offers an alternative to the more expensive options that are shown below.

The Bear bag is perfect for your next holiday and is an easy to pull trolley bag for a child to use. This bag features the unique adjustable pants so that your child can seat their favourite teddy bear or doll as part of the bag.

There is an Internal pocket, external side pocket and bottle holder for easy access to those all important drinks. Being a decent size – 50 x 34 x 20 cm – means it meets hand luggage requirements and provides a great capacity of 34 litres.

For more information visit Kids Bags.

1.  Trunki

Trunki cases

Why they’re so good: 

Trunki have transformed a functional product designed to get things from A to B into a fun, interactive toy.  Show a child a Trunki and they’ll be riding it in no time.  Why walk when you can ride about having fun?  In our experience a suitcase that grabs the child’s attention from the outset will also get them interested in helping pack for a trip away and look after their things.  What’s more, Trunkis are robust, cabin friendly and won’t break the bank but can be tricky to pack easily. From £35.0o.



2.  Picture Case Cuties and Pals

Case Cuties and Pals


Why they’re so good:

When you buy a Cuties and Pals suitcase it’s more like adopting a pet.  The colourful characters have names and really appeal to children.  They’re not a boring rectangular suitcase shape but fun and funky and have matching backpacks.  What’s not to love?  From a parent’s perspective they’re made of tough ABS meaning they’re going to last more than one trip away and protect the contents properly. From £49.99.



3.  Skip Hop Rolling Luggage


Skip Hop Rolling Luggage


Why they’re so good:

Skip Hop suitcases have got their designs spot on as they appeal to parents and children alike.    The clean, bold modern Scandinavian look is very a la mode.  This is one range of luggage we have found which spans well across the age groups and appeals to children from aged 2+.  For a cabin size bag it is very lightweight and has great capacity.   A great plus point is the insulated pouch on the front for carrying travel snacks and the drinks holder on the side.  Also, the clip on shoulder strap distinguishes it from other children’s trolley cases on the market. From £38.00.



4.  Luggo

Luggo luggage


Why it’s so good:

Suitcases that have wheels that flash when you roll it.  Need we say more?  Oh, and there are no batteries required (every parents dream).  Luggo is both a trolley case and a rucksack all in one – simply extend the trolley handle and the rucksack straps retract into the back.  Inside the case is well thought through with dividing sections for organising clothes, books & toys. From £36.00.


5.  Paul Frank Monkey suitcases

Paul Frank Monkey suitcase

Why it’s so good:

We picked this one out as it can be more difficult than you would first think to find good suitcases for boys aged 6+.  Once they grow out of the character type suitcases, or those with monsters & pirates on there’s actually not a lot out there before you step straight into the realm of the serious adult suitcase.  This one is different.  The cheeky monkey appeals to boys of all ages and it’s a great 4 wheel drive case made out of sturdy ABS.  We love it. From £68.00.




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