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SAS to launch 45 new routes across Scandinavia in 2013

SAS is to launch 45 new routes offering direct flights to new destinations from all of the main airports and a number of regional airports in the Nordic countries.

These new flights will begin in 2013. In addition to these new routes, SAS will also increase the frequency of current flights on a number of domestic and European routes.

“Many of our customers choose SAS when traveling on business and leisure. They appreciate our time-saving services, and our award-winning punctuality.”

“Therefore, we are proud to offer our customers 45 new routes to choose from in 2013. This means that we will continue to be the airline that has the largest selection of flights in the Nordic region”, says Joakim Landholm, Executive Vice President Commercial.

The introduction of these 45 new routes is completely in line with the SAS goal to meet our customers’ complete travel needs.

New SAS Flights

These new routes will start being sold from Monday 26th November.

New routes from Sweden:

From Stockholm to Innsbruck, Pula, Palermo, Cagliari, Thessaloniki, Tel Aviv, Pristina and Alanya From Gothenburg to Nice, Pristina and Östersund.

New routes from Norway:

From Oslo to Salzburg, Berlin, Budapest, Santorini, Cagliari, Palermo, Pristina, Valencia, Malta, Lisbon, Athens, Tenerife and Pula From Bergen to Dubrovnik and Antalya From Trondheim to Split From Stavanger to Antalya.

New routes from Denmark:

From Copenhagen to San Francisco, Budapest, Prague, Newcastle, Cagliari, Palermo, Alanya, Thessaloniki, Pula and Biarritz.

New routes from Finland:

From Helsinki to Paris, Rome, Prague, Geneva and Östersund From Turku to Kittilä From Tampere to Kittilä In combination with the 45 new routes SAS also increase frequencies on many of its existing domestic and European routes in 2013.


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