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Survey – Do you like the Air New Zealand Hobbit safety video?

Do you like the new ‘Middle Earth’ Hobbit safety video from Air New Zealand? This new video, to coincide with the new Hobbit movie is certainly getting people talking.

From the tweets we have had on our Twitter network it is certainly a marmite / vegemite video – you either love it or hate it.

Air New Zealand have come up with some great safety instruction briefings over the past few years including the All Blacks team and Bare essentials, where their crew were body-painted. This new Middle Earth version certainly is a great view – more of a short film – and we certainly like it.

Two great grandsons of The Hobbit author J.R.R Tolkien, Mike and Royd Tolkien, also make a cameo appearance in the safety video. Royd Tolkien, who features in the video with prosthetic hairy Hobbit feet, says the opportunity to be part of Air New Zealand’s association with The Hobbitmovies was too good to miss

The safety video is already being rolled out across Air New Zealand aircraft fleet – but what do you think?

Please do just take a minute to answer the simple survey and share it with your friends.

Thank you for taking part!

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