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How to paint an Airbus A320
19 Jun
Written by The Crew

How to paint an Airbus A320 »

Iberia having updating their A320 fleet with a new aircraft livery. At Iberia’s painting hangar in Madrid people are working round the Read more…

Video: American Airlines try to explain why airfares change so much »

American Airlines have released another staff video explaining  the ‘behind the scenes’ of how Read more…

The Ferrari 458 Grand Am readies for Daytona 24 Hours »

The Ferrari 458 Grand Am has landed! This new racing stock from the stables of Maranello has made it to the USA to prepare for one of the biggest races in the American race calendar. The 458 Grand Am is stateside to race in the Daytona 24 Hours, which …

Video: Korean Air promote Sydney and 20 years flying to Australia »

To celebrate 20 years of flying to Australia, Korean Air launches a new series of TV commercials in Korea to strengthen Read more…

Video: Southwest Airlines honours the State of Florida with specialty Boeing 737 aircraft »

Southwest Airlines has honored the State of Florida with the unveiling of Florida One, a Boeing 737 emblazoned with an artist’s rendering Read more…

Video: F1 driver Mark Webber explains the Shanghai Grand Prix race circuit »

F1 Red Bull driver Mark Webber explains the main characteristics of the Shanghai track, which hosts the China GP.

Read more…

Video: Using an R22 to open beer bottles »

Why? we ask…but I guess if you can!


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Video: Bell 222 Airwolf helicopter including the music »

Here is a video of a Bell 222 helicopter as Airwolf and it even includes the theme music!


Read more…

Video: The Boeing RC C-17 Globemaster »

RC Flying

This huge jet powered radio controlled Boeing C-17 Globemasteris amazing. Can anyone comment on how realistic its capabilities are compared to the real Read more…

Video: The worlds largest RC plane »

RC Flying


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